Active Shooter & Workplace Violence Training

Seminars and Practical Scenarios

Whether in seminar format or through practical training scenarios, VATA offers training for businesses, schools, and individuals on the response options should you find yourself in the middle of an active shooter or workplace violence situation. This training can be enhanced by the use of our Simunition FX training guns and ammunition.

Schools and businesses that are at risk for armed attacks, such as banks and restaurants, can schedule a single seminar session for all employees, or multiple smaller group sessions for larger companies with more employees. Private groups of friends and colleagues are also welcome to book our Active Shooter Seminar and/or Active Shooter Scenario Training.

Seminars can cover topics such as warning signs and identifying a possible future active shooter, immediate action upon confrontation with an active shooter, mindset and modes of operation of an active shooter, OODA loop for active shooter events, YOUR duty, being a good witness, hasty safe havens, the use of cover and concealment, evacuation techniques, hard pointing, improvised barricading, improvised weapons and distractionary devices, ambush techniques, and interaction with Law Enforcement. Our expert instructors will discuss the best practices for both armed and unarmed civilians should they ever find themselves in an active shooter situation.

Active shooter training can either be held at VATA’s facility, or VATA can travel to your location if you have a suitable venue for the type of training you would like to receive.