Basic Precision Marksman

Three Full Days

Prerequisite: None

Class Size: 4-8
This is an intermediate distance course designed for precision shooting at distances out to 500 yards, designed for Law Enforcement snipers or simply avid hunters that want to bring their long range accuracy to the next level. This course primarily focuses on marksmanship and setting up your rifle, but, time permitting, we also cover some of the field craft required by a tactical precision marksman, including camouflage and concealment and constructing field expedient hide sights. This is a three-day course and it is a perfect introduction to the world of long range shooting.

The following topics will be covered during the course:
  • Proper use and set-up of optics
  • Trajectory
  • Terminal ballistics
  • Range estimation
  • Shooter's log book
  • Range cards
  • Target discrimination
  • Communications between shooter and spotter
  • Supported field positions
  • Cover and concealment
  • Stalking and hide sights

Ammunition Requirements:
250 rounds of precision ammunition (approximate)

Gear List:

Camouflage clothing (season appropriate), precision rifle with optic capable of shooting a 1 MOA group out to 500 yards (optics need to be mounted and torqued to spec and need to have a baseline 100-yard zero prior to course), sling, eye and ear protection, knee/elbow pads and gloves. (optional)

This class involves strenuous activity. Students will be required to lay in a prone position for extended periods of time and possibly crawl through woodland terrain as well as remain camouflaged in hides for extended periods of time.

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