Intro to Tactical Combatives

One Full Day

Prerequisite: None

Class Size: 8-20
This class is a real world look at street defense. The class focuses on the method of violent attacks and how to protect, attack, and escape through practical exercises. The class will start off discussing attacker tactics and the mindset needed to win a fight. You can't be shy for this one, because then it will rapidly evolve into practical exercises where you will have to physically strike and grapple with VATA Instructors as well as your classmates. This course is the start, but certainly not the end.

The following topics will be covered during the course:
  • Situational awareness and observation techniques
  • Mindset
  • Going on the offense (don't wait till its too late, say something)
  • Strikes
  • Staying on your feet
  • Fighting on the ground (protect yourself)
  • Ground escapes
  • Improvised striking tools (keys, pen, knife, etc)

Athletic clothing, long pants, mouth guard


This is a physically demanding course. It will be held indoors and on mats, but you must be free of any injuries and in decent physical condition.

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