Intro to Home Defense

Two Full Days

Prerequisite: None

Class Size: 8-20
Introduction to Home Defense is designed to bring civilians into the world of Close Quarters Battle (CQB) through class room discussion of the theory and principles behind CQB and the crawl, walk, run methodology. In the shoot house, we will show the student the safest and most effective ways to defend themselves and their families should they find a violent aggressor in their home. These techniques apply to buildings in general and we will discuss scenarios in malls and more public settings as well. As the student progresses over the two days, they will have a culminating event, which will involve force on force scenarios with an instructor.

The following topics will be covered during the course:
  • Dynamics of a home invasion/terror event in a public area
  • Principles of Close Quarters Battle
  • Lt. Col. Boyd's OODA loop decision making process
  • Ready positions
  • Open doors
  • Closed doors
  • Fatal funnel
  • Pieing corners and doorways
  • Use of tactical flashlights in low/no light
  • One-man and two-man movement

Ammunition Requirements: None

Gear List:

Pistol, holster, handheld flashlight, pistol mounted light (optional, but recommended), clear wraparound eye protection (reading type glasses are not acceptable), water.

* Wear clothing that you don't mind tearing and/or staining

** Day 2 will involve force-on-force scenarios utilizing airsoft and/or Simunitions and may result in welts or bruises.

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