Low Light Carbine

One Full Day

Prerequisite: Tactical Carbine Level 1

Class Size: 8-20
When you hear statistics like "77% of defensive shootings occur in diminished light," it should make you wonder if you are prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones when it's not sunny and beautiful outside. If you carry a gun, the chances of you having to use it lean strongly to the dark side. If you have not thought about your choice of sights, handheld versus weapon-mounted white light selection, and the proper techniques of how to use them so that you don't get shot, then this course is a must. The curriculum focuses strictly on fighting in a low- to no-light environment.

The following topics will be covered during the course:
  • Effects of darkness and light on the human eye
  • Night sight selection
  • White light selection and associated equipment
  • Methods of carry/implementation (Harries technique, FBI technique,         Surefire technique)
  • Reloading/malfunctions with a handheld light
  • Direct lighting techniques (Strobing, Sweeping)
  • Indirect lighting techniques (Painting)
  • Lighting in an open air environment
  • Lighting in a CQB environment

Ammunition Requirements:
450 rounds of carbine ammunition (approximate)

Gear List:

Carbine, sling, four carbine magazines, carbine magazine holders, combat hand-held light with lanyard, EXTRA BATTERIES, rifle-mounted white light, belt, wraparound CLEAR eye protection, ear protection, weapons cleaning kit, water bottle and rain gear.

**Students must arrive with irons and optics zeroed.
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