Simunitions Training

VATA Training Group

Simunitions marking cartridges are the most reliable and realistic force on force training medium. In order to build the skills to effectively defend one's self and their loved ones, one must first perfect their fundamentals and then push themselves to deal with the stress and the rapid decision making that a gunfight brings. Simunitions force on force training is the closest one will ever get to being in a real gunfight.

Training for the real world

Our expert military and law enforcement instructors will put you in realistic situations and the amount of learning that will occur in just one weekend of training will absolutely amaze you. You will not only learn more about what works and what doesn't in a lethal encounter, but you will explore the intangible of how your mind processes information and handles the stressors of a gunfight.

We are now offering three force on force scenario courses in addition to our home defense training, which all incorporate Simunition FX marking cartridges. To learn more about each course, you can visit the course outline pages for each:

Simunitions Amunition & Safety Gear