• Force on Force Firearms Training
    Force on Force Simunitions
    Have you ever wondered how you would handle being
    in a lethal force encounter? Our Force on Force courses
    will put you in realistic situations against our real life,
    trained aggressors to test your skills.
  • VATA Firearms Training Videos
    Tactical Firearms Training
    Our Concealed Carry 1 and 2 DVDs offer essential training
    for defensive concealed carry with a pistol, from equipment
    to technique to mindset. Plus, Season 1 of the hugely popular
    First Person Defender series is now also available on DVD.
  • Shooting Steel Targets
    MGM VATA Falling Man Target
    Destin and Greg designed this target to replicate training
    for real world situations when only a small portion of a target
    is presented. Hit the "leg" of the target to activate and drop the
    torso portion to the ground, then engage the torso's "A" zones with
    vital area shots to neutralize the threat as needed to push your training
    to the most realistic level possible.

Civilian Firearms Training

VATA offers top tier tactical training for civilians in open enrollment and private settings. If you're looking to advance your skills with any firearms platform, we offer a wide range of courses or we can custom design a training package to suit your specific needs.

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Simunitions Training

If you enjoyed the first season of the First Person Defender series, you won't want to miss our Force on Force courses. You'll be put in realistic training scenarios with real life aggressors using Simunition FX marking cartridges and it will be the most realistic training you've ever received.

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VATA Gift Certificates

Want to make someone you love really happy? VATA offers gift certificates in any denomination and they can be applied to any open enrollment course or to private lessons. We can make them out for a specific course, or for VATA training in general.

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Stay In The Fight

Featured Courses

Skills are perishable. You should never stop training. Your life may depend on it.

All open enrollment course dates currently scheduled can be found on the calendar page. If you are interested in a course that is not currently on the schedule, it can be arranged in a private setting. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a private individual or group session, please contact us.

Intro Tactical Carbine


Intro Tactical Pistol


Vehicle CQB

Scenario Training

Advanced Concealed Carry

Level IV Pistol

Intro Home Defense

Simunitions Training

Force on Force Pistol

Simunitions Training

Critical Incident

Advanced Simunitions Training

Tactical Medicine

Emergency Medical Training

Women Only

Defensive Pistol

  • Since I began taking courses with VATA Group I have seen my skill and proficiency with firearms and my development of a safety mindset increase dramatically. The instructors are top notch and spend plenty of time with each student to ensure that they learn in the classes, while also enjoying themselves in the process - I highly recommend them.

    Gabriel C.

  • VATA offers a wide variety of firearms and related classes that are suitable for people of any age or gender. The more advanced courses offer a suitable level of challenge for almost anyone, including us more mature (old) guys. The cost of the classes is extremely reasonable given the amount of useful information presented. The "do what you are able to do given your age and physical condition" attitude is much appreciated. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable. There is evil in the world and you never know when or where you might meet it. Even for those people who are not gun guys/gals should highly consider taking the Tactical Medicine class. You are much more likely to be involved in a home or car accident than to be involved in a gun fight. I have trained a number of places. VATA ranks up there with the best of them. Keep up the good work. I will continue to attend your classes.

    Ed L.

  • This was a great course. Even with prior training and experience, I still learned a lot and did more practical application on the pistol than any training I have ever done. I look forward to completing future classes and even completing Pistol I again. GREAT JOB FELLOWS!

    Scott T.

  • This was an exceptional learning experience. This one-day course more than exceeded my expectations. The knowledge shown to me greatly improved my accuracy, pistol grip & stance. I will be back & will recommend VATA to everyone. All of you gusy are professional and it showed. I was not disappointed! Thank you!

    Alfred S.

  • Instructors were extremely intuitive and know exactly how to break down the fundamentals in a way that was easy for me to understand and then improve.

    Rachel C.

  • This weekend of firearms training has been nothing short of amazing. Between learning the fundamentals of shooting to being introduced to more complex and advanced techniques, I had the honor of learning from top-notch professionals and surrounded by nice shooters. Thanks for the course. I'm signing up for more!

    Chris H.

  • Thanks for providing a safe environment for learning. Great job. Your patience with us is appreciated and exceeded my expectations.

    Lyle S.

  • Patriot Ordinance Factory
  • First Person Defender
  • Tom Gresham Gun Talk
  • TYR Tactical
  • Recoil Magazine
  • Smith Optics Elite
  • Simunitions
  • Max Michel
  • Medical Outfitter Training Consultants
  • MGM Targets
  • Advanced Accuracy Solutions
  • Bravo Concealment
  • Armageddon Gear

Security Assessments

An expert VATA security representative will travel to your home or business and complete an in-depth assessment of the overall security and the current threat level of your location, daily operations and personnel/family. VATA will then provide you with a comprehensive report based on our findings to maximize physical and operational/daily security measures.

Sniper Training

We offer open enrollment long range rifle courses to help hunters make that difficult shot as well as closed courses for military and law enforcement only to push the skills of their snipers and counter snipers in both rural and urban environments. Packages can be customized depending on your needs.

Home Defense

VATA offers courses to train law-abiding citizens how to defend their home should they ever come under a violent attack or home invasion. Our expert instructors will teach you room clearing and how to move your family to safety and defend your home.

Tactical Firearms

VATA provides cutting edge combat shooting and tactics training to law-abiding citizens, Law Enforcement, and Military. Each of our instructors is an expert in their field and they all come from either Tactical Law Enforcement teams or Military Special Operations units. We also utilize national and world champion competitive shooters as occasional adjunct instructors.

Combatives Training

Utilizing a purpose-built combatives room as well as natural environments for role playing, our expert instructors will give you techniques to use when you are unarmed or to bridge the gap between a physical encounter to then drawing your pistol. This is not strictly Jiu Jitsu or MMA training. We incorporate utilizing improvised weapons, knives, and firearms and teach you how to survive in the street.

Active Shooter

Whether in seminar format or through practical training scenarios, VATA offers training for businesses and individuals on the response options should you find yourself in the middle of an active shooter situation. This training can be enhanced by the use of our Simunitions Fx training guns and ammo.

Tactical Driving

VATA can provide all means of high speed and evasive driving training. We utilize a group of professional driver trainers who are all current or former Auto racers. Whether it's high speed driving on a racetrack or learning to do reverse 180 turns and ramming through another blocking vehicle, VATA has got you covered.

Special Operations Training

We offer specialized courses to enhance the capabilities of the modern war fighter. We offer advanced firearms packages, close quarters battle, small unit tactics, as well as non-permissive tactical vehicle training. Our subject matter expert instructors will push the limits of the already capable skills of our SOF warriors.

Law Enforcement Training

We offer a variety of custom training packages to law enforcement agencies based on their needs and mission. From enhancing their firearms training to updating and refining their SWAT tactics, VATA will help bring your agency to the forefront of policing.